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Since 2012, we’ve been your tire experts in Phoenix, AZ. Honesty is at the forefront of all we do. We never use bait and switch tactics. Our team consistently delivers great customer service and great prices. No matter what you drive.We sell dirt bike tires and ATV tires. Mounting and balancing for ATV tires, motorcycle tires and dirt bikes tires also available.


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At Lara Tires & Wheels no appointment is Necessary for a Tire Repair, Please visit our Phoenix, AZ location anytime! A flat tire can leave you stranded along the side of the road; it can cause the rim of the wheel to ride on the tire tread or the ground resulting in the loss of control of your vehicle, it can cause a tire to blowout, or worse. The most common causes of flat tires can be a leaky valve stem, a puncture in the tire, a leak between the tire and wheel, a leak in your wheel and more.


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Schedule a TPMS Service Today!

Stop into Lara Tires & Wheels Today for a FREE TPMS Check! A Tire Pressure Monitoring System often referred to as TPMS is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside your tires. Tire pressure monitoring systems report real time tire pressure information to you through a gauge, dash display, or a warning light. Low tire pressure can have a negative impact on driving safety; vehicle handling, fuel efficiency, and tire tread life. 


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Schedule a Tire and Wheel Balance Today!

Day to day driving can cause changes in the distribution of weight around the tire and wheel assembly. Balancing your wheels minimizes potential vibrations felt in the steering wheel, seat, or floorboard and help in proper tire wear. Balancing your wheels can provide a smoother ride, reduced tire wear, and improved comfort. Stop into Lara Tires & Wheels Today for your true professional Tire and Wheel Balance.



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Used Tires


Used Tires Available


 At Lara Tires and Wheels in Phoenix, AZ, we Carry a large variety of qulaity used tires ranging from 13" to 26". Please contact us at one of our three locations for more information.

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